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    Telamons Gimmick Empty Telamons Gimmick

    Post  Telamon on Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:20 pm


    Face or Heel?:Face


    Weight:213 lbs.

    Finishers:Fried Chicken Fury

    Trademarks:None yet

    Taunts:None yet

    Entrance song:None

    Finisher Description:Prepration:Has a bite of his chicken and goes berserk and Finalization:Telamon picks up the opponent and throws him out of the ring

    Wrestling Gear : Wears a shirt that say I Heart fried chicken wears shorts with no shoes

    Gimmick/bio:Once at school he was a funny kid that he was once of the most popular kids in his school why? cause he loves fried chicken every loves him because of that after he grauated high school he had to get a job, but after a while he got fired he couldn't find another job until he found just one.Wrestling

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