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    The Forsaken King

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    Country: united States, Bell Air

    Height6 ft 1

    Weight: 169lb

    Level: 11 tech


    Entrance Song: Fresh Prince of Bel Air Intro

    Gimmick: star hunter is a scared teen thrown into wrestling after moving to live with his uncle who is a ex wrestler when they go into poverty and were in desperation for food and shelter , he is in feud with tony snow (after being called the word he hated the most in this whole world FAT) , he will go for ANY CHANCE at the title and put everything he has into every match even if it could be his last the drive from his horrible childhood guides him to whoop some serious butt

    Finishers: merciless strangle, death note, damaja driver

    Trademarks: cannon bomb
    stone cold 3:16

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    Laughing LMAO on the video in your bio Laughing
    that truly made my day bro .. thanks Smile

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