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    Igfarlas's gimmick


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    Igfarlas's gimmick  Empty Igfarlas's gimmick

    Post  Igfarlas on Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:01 am


    Height:1,90 cm tall

    Weight:180 lb

    Finishers: Tribute to TJ Cannon



    Entrance song Break Anotha by Blake Lewis

    Wrestling Gear : standard boots, green boxer with a greenish shirt having his name on it

    Gimmick/bio:On a friday night this sorry excuse of a human being was sitting there and watching television when he saw ROH , and he was amazed by the athletes performing in that night . Mostly high flyers like Human Tornado inspired him to become a wrestler himself . He joined Panama Wrestling Academy at age 19 and become a champion at the age of 21 . Now he stands before the doors of EFW waiting for an opportunity to shine .

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