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    stone cold 3:16 gimmick

    stone cold 3:16

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    stone cold 3:16 gimmick Empty stone cold 3:16 gimmick

    Post  stone cold 3:16 on Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:47 am

    wrestler name : stone cold 3:16

    highet : 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
    weight : 252 lb (114 kg)
    taunts : Middle fingers raising , drinking beer AND talking trash to the opponet or the crowd too !
    trademarks : piledriver , olympic slam AND spear !
    finishers : 3 16 stunner , Stone cold hells gate AND Stone cold stunner 3 16 !

    gimmick/bio : I'm not a special person by any way ! I'm just a normal kid who grew up in a normal house in a normal city .. but WRESTLLNG IS MY LIFE !! it means everything to me ! I can't live a minute of my life without thinking of it !!!
    and while I watch stupid and boring guys like hogan and cena taking all the titles and becoming the faces of the wrestling industry for all these years and getting a lot of attention and respect from lots of people even though they doesn't deserve a single bit of it .. and other guys like roddy piper ,chris jericho , cm punk and the miz not getting a much bigger respect than the last guys .. and other guys get so underrated that they are nearly forgotton ! I feel SICK of what wrestling has become .. and I wish that I can CHANGE something in it in the future ...
    but until that time comes .. I'm gonna test myself , my abilities and my skills in front of true wrestling fans and see their reactions .. and this game right here .. and espicially this federation is what I'm looking for !!
    my name is stone cold 3:16 .. be sure to remember it .. cause one day you'll be surprised of what I have achieved and became .. and you'll never relize that until you see that stunner comin at you !!

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