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    Entry #002

    Yorick Mori
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    Entry #002 Empty Entry #002

    Post  Yorick Mori on Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:11 am

    'Ragdoll Physics' by Diablo Swing Orchestra suddenly fills the arena as Yorick Mori emerges from backstage with a grin, as always, on his face. As he made his way to the announce table he took the time to tag hands with the various fans at ringside before finally sitting down next to Logan and placing on a pair of headphones as well.

    Yorick Mori: Thank you for having me gentleman, it is an honor to for you to have me here.

    Logan: Always a pleasure to have you here now I understand that you are not here to commentate on the match but more to just watch and learn right?

    Yorick Mori: That is correct, instead of sitting backstage and watching on a monitor I wanted to be at ringside and see the action upclose to see if I can pick up some new tricks so to speak.

    Yorick took a moment to lean forward and shoot a glance over to Marshall, who did his best to be out of sight.

    Yorick Mori: I also heard that you had some tips or advice for me as well there sir.

    Marshall shook his head and waved his hand dismissively.

    Marshall: Who me? No, I would never! Check your sources again!

    Yorick and Logan share a laugh as Yorick leaned back into his chair, Logan looking back to the camera.

    Logan: Coming up next we have Igfarlas going against athyz so stay tuned for more action.

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