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    Entry #001

    Yorick Mori
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    Entry #001 Empty Entry #001

    Post  Yorick Mori on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:17 pm

    The scene opens up backstage to show John Calvin with a mic in hand looking right to the camera. After taking a quick moment to adjust his tie he holds his microphone up to speak.

    John Calvin: Ladies and Gentleman live with me at this time is one of the newer member to Extreme Forsaken Wrestling and wrestling in general, please welcome Yorick Mori.

    The camera pans back to show Yorick standing along side John with a smile on his face, the feint sound of cheers can be heard even in the backstage area. He took a moment to shake John's hand respectfully before speaking with his obvious European accent.

    Yorick Mori: Thank you John it is an honor.

    John Calvin: At this time I do have a couple questions for you, first you had a what some would say a strong debut for someone like yourself who is green in the business while others say that you won't make it far. How do you respond to that?

    Yorick just chuckled a bit as he looked the microphone in front of him, nodding some as he thought over the question and looked back to John.

    Yorick Mori: I always welcome any kind of criticism as a way I can improve myself, I have heard it all before how I will never make it but I am here now right?

    John Calvin: That is true but what if this is as far as you can go?

    Yorick Mori: I can tell you right now that this will not be the 'highest' point of my career, I will go farther. I will improve, and I will be the best at what I do so that everyone remembers my name.

    With that Yorick gave a polite nod to John before walking off, John Calvin looking back to the camera.

    John Calvin: Well there you have it some Strong words from Yorick Mori. Back to you Marshall and Logan.

    The camera fades to black before showing a image once more on the screen of Logan and Marshall at the the commentators table.

    Logan: Yorick seems like he is determined to really make it far and to be honest after his victory I would have to agree.

    Marshall: Are you kidding me? He is a nobody, he is not going anywhere and is going to be at the bottom where he deserves to be! Even I can beat him to a pulp!

    Logan: IS that so? Maybe you can let him know face to face when he joins us at ringside later tonight.

    Marshall's head snaps in Logan direction with a shocked look on his face.

    Marshall: HE'S WHAT?!

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