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    Entry #003

    Yorick Mori
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    Entry #003 Empty Entry #003

    Post  Yorick Mori on Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:19 am

    As soon as the match was over the camera was back to the announce table where Yorick was standing on his feet applauding the match.

    Logan: There you have a strong showing by both men, Yorick thank you for joining us here for this match.

    Yorick Mori: Always an honor Mr. Logan.

    Logan: Before you leave I do like to ask one question. Out of these two men who would you rather be in the ring with?

    Yorick looked to the ring for a moment and eyed both Igfarlas and athyz before looking back to Logan.

    Yorick Mori: I would like to get in the ring with Igfarlas, he looks like he can be a challenge and a good way to test my skills.

    With that Logan gave one final 'Thank you' to Yorick as he removed the headphones and made his way to the backstage once more. Logan turning to face Marshall.

    Logan: You know you could of said something to him.

    Marshall: What? I didn't do anything! Don't play me as the bad guy Logan!

    Logan just chuckled, shaking his head before looking to the camera.

    Logan: Coming up next on the card is Diax going up against Edgar Jackson so stay here live with us on Extreme Forsaken Wrestling.

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