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    Cutting Off Show  Empty Cutting Off Show

    Post  Goku on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:24 am

    Camera focuses in the parking lot

    Goku and his manager Krillin come out of the limo

    Krillin:Ready for action Goku

    Goku:Yeah let`s do this

    Goku and Krillin head to the ring

    Camera focuses on Goku and Krillin inside the ring

    Goku:Hello and welcome to forsaken wrestling

    Krillin:We are proud of all of our wrestlers here

    Krillin:Goku What is your thoughts on tonight`s matches ?

    Goku:I am psyched to see this Renegade guy to fight Rayden.

    Krillin:Cool and with that said we will start the Goku show right now.

    Goku:Well everyone my first guest of all is Krillin and now for my second guest he will be fighting tonight against Rayden give it up for Renegade.

    Renegade runs to the ring

    Renegade:So this is your show right, well then lets get on with it.

    Goku:Well are you confident tonight for your match.

    Renegade:Its going to be a tough fight but I am sure that we will give a great show.

    Krillin:Well I think Rayden will beat you down

    Renegade:What did you just say ?

    Goku:Easy guys dont start fighting now leave it and Renegade your match is about to start.

    Renegade leaves

    Camera fades away

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