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    Post  The Forsaken King on Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:46 pm

    Fireworks go off and a big drumroll starts. The fans start crazily cheering. Gm Chase's music goes off as he walks down the ramp.

    Chase: How is everybody doing today?? You guys are going to enjoy the very first ever Show FRUSTRATION!!! We have very good matchs today. We have the best superstars and i promise yall a very good show.

    The Lights go out when they come back on Edgar and TFK are on the ramp.

    Edgar: Why the shocked face Chase?? Surprised to see 2 members of The Extreme Kings? When TFK said we were going to take over the company. He didnt just mean Locked up. He also meant Frustration.

    TFK: And this we will do. Every show must have conquer. Every show must have a leader. Devan and You, yall dont fit that leader postion. So i came with my group to take over. We will conquer and we will succeed.

    The lights go out again and when they come back on TFK and Edgar are gone.

    Chase: Sorry for the interruption guys, but im not going to let them ruin your fun tonight so hope you enjoy the show. This old grandpa has to get backstage and handle some business.

    Chase leaves the ring and goes backstage.

    Marshall: Finally that Old man leaves.

    Logan: Thats your Boss so why are you talking about him like that?

    Marshall: Because i can.

    Logan: Whatever but a side that what the heck is Edgar and TFK doing here at Frustration.

    Marshall: Maybe they have some business to handle here.

    Logan: Yeah to cause trouble.

    Marshall: Oh just shut up.

    Logan: Whatever, Alright well tonight we have a great match tonight. Two old rivals Blazingstarhunter and The Forsaken King. That should be a good match.

    Marshall: We all know star will win.

    Logan; Dont doubt TFK now.

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