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    Post  The Forsaken King on Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:49 pm

    TFW stands up after defeating Star. TFK leaves the ring and gets a table and stands it up outside the ring then he goes back in the ring and picks up Star and puts him on the top rope and gets up there with him. TFK puts Star in a powerbomb postion and executes a LEGENDARY Super Powerbomb off the top of the turnbuckle right onto the table. Making Star crash through the table. TFK picks up a mic and beins to talk.

    TFK: I showed all of you what i am capable of. So all of you guys that doubted me theres your proof i can beat anyone. Stop putting because all your doing is talking im actually putting my words into action. Now for yall's special surprise. Guys bring you know who out here.

    The lights go out and when they come back on Edgar and Kendall are holding GM Chase on the ramp.

    TFK: Bring him down here for me guys.

    While Edgar and Kendall are bringing the Knocked out chase to the ring. TFK goes and gets another table and sets it up in the ring.

    TFK: Alright put the GM on the turnbuckle.

    Edgar picks Chase up and puts him on the turnbuckle. TFK gets up on the turnbuckle with Chase and puts him in a Powerbomb postion and Executes a LEGENDARY Super Powerbomb through the table off the turnbuckle.

    TFK: I dont care who is in charge im taking this company. I dont care how long it takes. No one is stoping me.

    The lights go off and a evil laugh is projected around the arena. When the lights come back on TFK and his Group are gone.

    Marshall: What the!!

    Logan: He Just powerbombed The GM and Star.

    Marshall: I LOVE THIS DUDE!

    Logan: Wow your immature just like him, well guys this is all the time we have for you today. have a great day and i hope you enjoyed the show.

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