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    Few things to say?!?!

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    Few things to say?!?! Empty Few things to say?!?!

    Post  The Forsaken King on Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:04 pm

    Alright first of all, If your rp is short but there usually long my Fed Forum is Unusally long so dont worry about it. When i put it in the background it will be shorter i promise.

    Second of all on the Ranking it will be the top 5 rp'ers Me, Edgar, and Star will decide them.. (Sorry Edgar and Star you cant be in it) The top one will get a title shot whenever he wants. The second and third person will get a better merchandise percentage (Thats good) 4th and 5th just get to celerbrate they were 1 of the top 5.

    Last of all There wont be any tournaments till i get my full roster and the 2nd and 3rd season. Yes me and star are feuding for a title but we wont get it till the 2nd season. So that is all i have to say.

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