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    Shaydow Tamriel

    Shaydow Tamriel

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    Post  Shaydow Tamriel on Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:36 pm

    In Ring name: Shaydow Tamriel
    Real Name: Shaydow Tamriel
    Nick name: Shay
    From: Detroit, Michigan
    Type: Balanced
    Alliance: Heelish Tweener

    Bio: Shaydow Tamriel was seperated from his twin brother Rayden at the age of one. He grew up in Port Dickson, Avtonomnyy Okrug, Russia, his father being an ex-military boxer Shaydow got pushed into growing up, much faster than what was healthy for him. Some say that his mind cracked, some say that he was just plain crazy to start with. All in all, Shaydow became violent and aggresive, exploding and attacking anybody if the mood took him.

    After his father's death Shaydow received a call from his mother, who asked him to come home. He did, and soon found his way to the Indy circuit. There he faced a man which looked a lot like himself and he found that when he was with this man he was much calmer and more focused. After introduction, the two men found out that they were the twin brothers Tamriel and that day the tag team of Gemini was born.



    Shaydow Tamriel skilfully raises his opponent
    demolishing him with an hard bump, connecting with a Fantastic Darc Driver !!!!(Samoan Driver)


    Shaydow Tamriel grabs [nome] by the throat, lifts [nome] up
    and slams [nome] on the ground executing Shaydow's Call (Pinning Chokeslam)

    Shaydow Tamriel grabs [nome]'s arm and pull [nome] to the ground,
    Shaydow Tamriel catches [nome]'s arm in a leg scissor and then wraps his hands around [nome]'s face, pulling [nome]'s face backwards executing Tribute to Benoit (Crippler Crossface)

    Taunt: Shaydow Tamriel grins at the opponent motioning for the opponent to get up executing a Shaydow's Call

    Picture: Shaydow Tamriel Photo.php?fbid=102477023173994&set=at.102477019840661.5804.100002350899488
    HVGM Edgar Jackson
    HVGM Edgar Jackson

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    Shaydow Tamriel Empty Re: Shaydow Tamriel

    Post  HVGM Edgar Jackson on Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:40 pm

    Shaydow, Your going to be a main eventer sooner or later. Be weary of this and enter the chat sometimes because we need to talk. Smile

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