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    olldd rp guide that we are following


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    olldd rp guide that we are following  Empty olldd rp guide that we are following

    Post  Taboo on Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:34 am

    - Names in Bold with a ":" just afterward s (eg: Name: )

    - Speech is to have quotation marks either side of the speech (eg: Name: "Speech" )

    - Actions are to be in Bold and Italics with "*"'s either side of the action ( *action* )

    - Swear words must be concealed with <beep> or <censored> (Max 3 swears per RP)

    - Coloring is Mandatory,when used than please stick to the colors for the NPC's (you may choose what ever color you want for other people talking)



    An Finally here is an RP sample with the CORRECT formatting for EFW, with colors

    Raijko Murray is in the ring corner out of breath, the rest of Terminal Velocity flood the ring, they kick Pike out of the ring, and celebrate in the middle of the ring, They start opening beers and pouring them on each other and drinking copious amounts, while the members of TV take turns posing for the crowd with the titles that they hold, all the while there is a constant barrage of boo's by the audience, however TV appear the least bit phased

    Suddenly the familiar sound of Nick Hinges entrance music blares around the arena, the crowd erupt into cheers and the members of Terminal Velocity stop their celebrations as they see Nick Hignes and Kent McCoy at the top of the entrance ramp with huge Smiles on their faces, and a microphone in Nick Hignes hand.

    Max B: "Holy crap... its... it can't be!!!"


    Nick Hignes: "Terminal Velocity, the end is nigh!!!!"

    all 4 members of Terminal Velocity start to laugh to each other in the ring, and doing mock imitations’ of Nick hinges to each other trying to infuriate the owner of MCW, before Raijko is handed a mic by the ring announcer

    Raijko Murray: "you know what? I think you have a few screws loose Nick? Or maybe old age is getting to ya? .... I’m not sure? however let me just tell you something before you utter any more words from the eighteen hundreds, or before your <beep> decides to start talking, its doesn’t matter who you send against us, it doesn’t matter if you get so called legends .... Warriors.... gladiators, heroes... no matter what you send you will lose because Terminal Velocity is THE SINGLE GREATEST STABLE THE WRESTLING BUSINESS HAS VERY SEEN!!!!!"

    Nick Hinges: "well luckily enough for me I got the best of the best, so let’s test your theory than shall we?"

    As soon as he finishes his sentence, Roddyck The Warthog, Stryfe Hyper, KARA Nicole and Schattentanz come out and rush towards to ring, Nicks Army and Terminal Velocity Brawl in the ring for a while, but Silver Fang, Mo McCrusha and Chance Valentine get thrown from the ring and Raijko is left alone with the 4 members of Nicks Army

    Roddyck The Warthog puts Raijko Murray's head between the legs and lifts him
    And slams him on the ground executing a LEGENDARY Hogbomb!!

    the 4 members of Nicks Army Stand tall in the ring while Raijko lays Motionless in the ring, Terminal Velocity are outside the ring looking up at the 4 members, the camera than fades to black

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