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    The Origins of War Machine


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    The Origins of War Machine Empty The Origins of War Machine

    Post  warmachine on Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:50 am

    In the late 1980's the Allied Forces uncovered a secret underground military testing facility in a small remote village of the former U.S.S.R that revealed a top secret project of human genetic treatment within the russian left wing agency the H.U.R.

    The find was at first dismissed as inhumane and condoned under the human rights act so then U.S president Ronald Reagan and Prime minister Margaret Thatcher ruled that the finding to be destroyed and never used again.

    After the first gulf war the allied forces uncovered yet another testing facility using the same methods as the russians, during this find Dr.Oleg Gorpesk was captured and taken into custody by allied forces, during this a young revolutionary genetic doctor called Mark Rice was asked to speak to Dr.Gorpesk and look into his testing.

    The two doctors connected well and Dr.Gorpesk revealed not only was he the influence behind the find in russia but he was close to "cracking the genetic code" in Iraq, Dr.Rice became very aware that the russian doctor could possibly help the future development of allied troops so he quickly convinced the top brass to let him let Dr.Gorpesk continue his testing under his supervision.

    After 10 years of fruitless testing on various animals, Dr.Gorpesk grew frustrated and tired of being held back,he secretly arranged for a child to be brought into the facility and after locking Dr.Rice and the other staff out the testing facility he put the baby through the testing process, during this troops stormed the facility and shot and killed Dr.Gorpesk and the order to cease the project was given.

    A distraught Dr.Rice fled the facility with the child and hid the small english village of dundry where he raised the child as his own, very soon the child developed quickly and grew faster than ordinary children but mentally no growth was happening and a worried Dr.Rice handed himself into the british military and the child was taken in to military care under the name Project XJ77.

    In late 2011 Project XJ77 turned 18 and was released back into Dr.Rices care and the first wish of the newly released Project XJ77 was to meet EFW GM Devan Little.

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