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    Yorick Mori: The Gravedigger RivalDrink

    Wrestler name: Yorick Mori

    Height: 6' 1'

    Weight: 215 lbs

    Alignment: Face

    Finshers: Omen of Death -> Yorick Mori sets up the opponent in a torture rack before flipping the opponent up and over into an Implant DDT executing an Omen of Death

    Trademarks: Modified Knee Drop/Double Axe-handle/Samoan Drop [Names changed when possible.]

    Taunts: [Soon to come]

    Gimmick/bio: Yorick Mori, a man born into a family line of highly respected gravediggers in his homelands, felt he lived up to his heritage. When he came of age he was gifted with the family heirloom: A sovel that was passed down from generation to generation. The shovel is said to be enchanted with the spirits of his forefathers to guide him and keep him company on those long, lonely nights.

    However the pride his had is now nearly gone. Having no heir of his own to pass down the treasured heirloom to the future of the Mori family line is seeming to come to an end. Already the name is slowly becoming forgotten to those of his land. One lonely night Yorick had an idea come to him. If the family line will end with him, then he shall have it immortalized and forever remembered far and wide. WIth that he set out with his the shovel he held dear, scouring the earth far and wide for something.....anything...to help him.

    Then on one fateful day he came across a small wrestling event, his curiousity and facination gripping him tighter than never before. Yorick found his calling. The means to accomplish the goal in the name of the Mori family. He will become a competitor like none other, ensuring that not only will he become the best at what he does but no one will ever forget the name....

    ....Yorick Mori...

    Entrance Theme: 'Ragdoll Physics' by Diablo Swing Orchestra

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