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    Edgar Jackson was born and raised in a middle age-like area where old medieval tradition was preffered and lived by. When Edgar Jackson was eight years old, he was sent to the neighbouring castle where he was trained as a knight. Edgar Jackson was the son of a knight and his mother was a member of the aristocracy. He spent most of his time strengthening his body, wrestling and riding horses. He also learned how to fight with a spear and a sword. He practiced against a wooden dummie called a quintain. Even though this societie followed an old medieval tradition, they did know how the world is like today. Funnily enough, they did own televisions that were supported by underground cables. Every evening they would gather together and watch Wrestling, most of the people enjoyed watching it, expecially Edgar Jackson. He always dreamt to become a wrestler so he kept strengthening his body in the way of a knight. His father noticed that he wanted to become a wrestler and was fine with it. At this day he continues to strive in Pro Wrestling with his dominant knight-like skills, going by the nickname of "The Medieval Knight".

    Edgar Jackson Clive-owen

    Name: Edgar Jackson
    Age: 33
    Weight: 230lbs
    Born: London, England
    Nickname: The Medieval Knight
    Appearance: Edgar Jackson wears a linen shirt and a pair of pants as well as light woolen pads underneath his metal-ringed chainmail (His chainmail was specially-crafted by his father who was a professional blacksmith). He also wears a pair of wall mounted gauntlets.

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