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    Fed, Rp, and Chat Rules

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    Fed, Rp, and Chat Rules Empty Fed, Rp, and Chat Rules

    Post  The Forsaken King on Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:29 pm

    Fed Rules:

    If you do not follow these rules you will be given a warning after 3 warning you FIRED*

    Rule 1: Be Respectful to the Gm's and Vgm.
    Rule 2: Don't Argue with a Gm or Vgm
    Rule 3: You need 2 have at least 2 Rp's for each show.
    Rule 4: You need to be as active as you can be
    Rule 5: The most important rule of all, When your going on vacation pm me and tell me how long your going to be gone, so i can write your rps. Tell me who ur feuding with, If your in a title run, or your if your part of the main story line for EFW. Most of all pm me if your going to leave the fed first, i dont want to hear from someone else that your leaving the fed because if i do then i will fire before you can leave.

    Rp Rules:

    Rule 1: you need 2 or more Rp's in each show.
    Rule 2: Do not cuss in them, If you need to use this (Censored) Damn, and Hell are not cuss words. But everything else is.
    Rule 3: If your going to use someone in a Rp then you need to get there permission, If they do not give you permission then do not use them in a rp.
    Rule 4: If you cant write a Rp for a show tell me so i can get my helpers or me to write yours.

    Chat Rules:

    If you do not follow these rules i will warn you after 3 warning your banned from chat.
    1 warning: Warning
    2 warning: Kicked from chat
    3 warning: banned for 24 hours then 48 hours then forever.

    Rule 1: DO NOT USE ALL CAPS AT ANY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rule 2: Do not cuss, we have little kids that play this game so if i see you cussing i will warn you.
    Rule 3: If you are a Mod and you kick someone for no reason that a automatic ban for 24 hours. Unless im there and i see your playing but if i get a pm saying he kicked me for no reason and i read the chat and see you did i will automatically ban you for 24 hours.

    Those are the Fed, Rp and Chat rules please follow them.

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