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    Starhunter gimick example


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    Starhunter gimick example Empty Starhunter gimick example

    Post  Starhunter on Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:21 am


    Country: united States, Bell Air

    Height6 ft 1

    Weight: 169lb

    Level: 11 tech


    Entrance Song: Fresh Prince of Bel Air Intro

    Gimmick: star hunter is a hard driven teen who was forced to as some people like to say 'Grow up to quick' after the death of his parents he spent his days doing petty crimes resulting in him getting some jail time on his exit he figured how he let his life go by so quick and how he has waisted it so he swore to find something that entertained him and otheres to repent his sins so he joined wrestling a place where his anger of his terrible childhood is entertaining a whole family this is what he was born to be Smile

    Finishers: merciless strangle, death note, damaja driver

    Trademarks: cannon bomb

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