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    The Rivarly Ends Part 2

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    The Rivarly Ends Part 2 Empty The Rivarly Ends Part 2

    Post  The Forsaken King on Mon Jan 16, 2012 3:31 am

    Star is walking backstage to the Gm's office. He bust through the door and slams his hands on Devan's desk.

    Star: I want my rematch with TFK.

    Devan: First of all who the hell do you think you are. You don't just come in my office and ask for something, and you sure in hell don't come in my office without permission and slam your hands on my desk. Now the rematch with TFK im not going to give it to you. I know he cheated but he did beat you. Im sure if you had the same chance you would do the same thing.

    Star: What?! What do you mean i dont get it. He cheated that should mean i get my second chance.

    TFK knocks on the door and interrupts Star.

    TFK: You heard the GM Star no rematch so stop begging.

    Star: What are you doing here.

    TFK: Unlike you i knocked so im aloud to be in here.

    Star: Shut up.

    TFK: Dont tell me what to do.

    Star gets in TFK's face.

    Star: Ill tell you what I want.

    Devan: Hey stop it.Dont start a fight in my office ill fire both of you right now.

    The CEO of EFW walks in.

    Devan: Hello Mr. Parker, What are you doing here today sir. You werent suppose to be here untill next week.

    CEO Parker: I heard about this little rivarly. So i came here to settle it. Im giving Star a rematch. But not any time soon it will be at the PPV. EFW's First PPV the match will be for the Extreme Excution Championship.

    Star and TFK: What?!

    Star: Yes!

    TFK: NO!

    CEO Parker: Yes at the PPV for the title. Those are my final words.

    CEO Parker walks out the GM's office but he sticks his head back in and says one last thing.

    CEO Parker: Oh yeah. One last thing, 14 Roll Tide Roll!

    Devan: Shut up.

    CEO Parker: Haha for everybody else see yall at the PPV and Devan Talk to you later.

    The CEO leaves.

    Devan: Well i guess its offical at the PPV Star VS TFK for the Extreme Execution Championship.

    TFK just shakes his head and walks out. Star laughs and leaves a couple minutes after. Devan gets up and shuts his door and starts to talk on the phone with his wife and puts her on speaker phone. The camera man catches the conversation.

    Devan: Honey we have to meet the CEO later tonight at Tokyo to associate business.

    Wife: Alright baby fine with me, ill start getting ready.

    Devan: Ok, well talk to you later love you.

    Wife: Love you too.

    Devan hangs up and the camera fades away.

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