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    The Rivalry Ends Part 1

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    The Rivalry Ends Part 1 Empty The Rivalry Ends Part 1

    Post  The Forsaken King on Mon Jan 16, 2012 3:00 am

    TFK's music begins to play and the lights go out. Sparks start falling on the ramp and TFK runs through them and the lights come back on. TFK sprints down to the ramp and he slides into the ring.

    TFK: Yes I beat Star and I get my Championship title match at The PPV. I did it fair and square. Wait a minute no I didn't. I distracted the ref and hit star over the head with a chair. For all the times he backstabbed me. For all the times he made me lose. For all the times he jumped me. Thats what he deserves.

    Stars music begins to play. Star walks on the ramp and starts to shake his head. He starts to walk down the ramp and gets in the ring.

    Star: Its what I get. This is wrestling watch your back more often. Last week before our match you said these exact words "I won't cheat, because I can beat you fairly." Thats not what you did. You used a chair to beat me. I should get my rematch.

    TFK: Rematch? I think not. I beat you end of story, point blank. You dont stand a chance with me inside the ring. I had you beat that whole match. I won that title match stop whining and let me celebrate.

    Star starts to laugh then stops and glares at TFK.

    Star: Let you celebrate on a win that you cheated to get. I dont think so.

    Star trys to hit TFK but TFK dodges it and low blows Star. Star drops to his Knees. TFK runs and bounces off the ropes and kicks Star in the face.

    TFK: See you cant beat me face to face. Never have been able to and never will be able to.

    TFK drops the mic and walks up the ramp.

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