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    Introducing Gemini in ring

    Shaydow Tamriel

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    Introducing Gemini in ring Empty Introducing Gemini in ring

    Post  Shaydow Tamriel on Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:50 am

    Disturbed's Down with the Sickness starts to play, a clip plays on the Titantron showing a Gemini sign, then it starts to show moves done by Shaydow and Rayden Tamriel. There is an explosion at the base of the Titantron, sending flames shooting up into the air and through this fire emerges Rayden and Shaydow Tamriel. There is a small reaction from their fans as they walk down the ramp wearing black wrestling tights with a white Gemini sign on one side and GEMINI written on the other. They both roll into the ring, Shaydow raises his left hand in a fist and Rayden raises his right hand in a fist. The music dies away and Rayden lifts a microphone.

    Rayden: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, just a little re-cap. He is Shaydow Tamriel."

    Shaydow: "And he is Rayden Tamriel and we are known as"

    Rayden & Shaydow: "Gemini."

    Rayden: "Tonight is our first match as a tag team and with technical insight"

    Shaydow: "And a little mean streaked balancing act, we should win."

    Rayden; "If not, we will make sure that you were entertained. So hold on to your hats gentlemen"

    Shaydow: "And clutch your handbags tight ladies, 'coz you are in for a ride."

    (OOC: To be used as an entrance if possible)

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