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    Getting ready

    Shaydow Tamriel

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    Getting ready Empty Getting ready

    Post  Shaydow Tamriel on Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:34 am

    Shaydow Tamriel and Rayden Tamriel is walking down the corridor, Rayden is stretching out his arms and Shaydow is warming up his shoulders.

    Rayden: "We really need to step up our game tonight bro, these two guys are no pushovers."

    Shaydow nods and lightly slaps his left shoulder as he keeps rotating it.

    Shaydow: "Not like that little punk I faced last week was much of a walk-over, he actually had a few moves."

    Rayden: "Yet you did pull through, even though you hate the move I taught you."

    Shaydow shrugs

    Shaydow: "He was in the right position and I was growing tired of playing with him. Heh! Pity I couldn't make him scream. I like the sound of that."

    Rayden: "Bro you like anything that sounds like pain, you really need to calm down."

    Shaydow: "I am calm bro, I did not go after him with a chair now did I?"

    Shaydow pushes open the door to the Gym and the two enter

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