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    The Multiple Named King Part 3

    The Forsaken King
    The Forsaken King

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    The Multiple Named King Part 3 Empty The Multiple Named King Part 3

    Post  The Forsaken King on Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:57 am

    The lights start flashing a figure wearing all dark clothes stands on the raptors.

    ???. I am the King that cant die nor can i live i am the Undead KIng.

    A loud boom goes off.

    Undead King: The king that cant be killed but is not alive. I will destroy whoever gets in my way. I will kill whoever walks in my path. I am the Undead King and i am the strongest of all kings. I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!

    A loud boom goes off again and the lights go completely off and when they come back on the Dark Figure is gone off the raptors.

    Marshall: OH MY GOD. Who the hell are all the kings.

    Logan: I Dont know but i think their united some how. They all have the same desire to not be defeated.

    Marshall: I know i want to know the whole story.

    Logan: Same here. Wonder whos next.

    Marshall: There better not be anymore.

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