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    Telamon's Interview


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    Telamon's Interview Empty Telamon's Interview

    Post  Telamon on Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:14 am

    John Calvin:I am here with Telamon as he is about to do his interview for the first time,So Telamon anything interesting today to share with the crowd?

    Telamon:Well.... not really,tonights match i am facing against clarky,i lost last week against Megamind and it wont happen again to me when i am facing clarky.

    John Calvin:We will see about that, Clarky is quite the opponent to fight with,so i don't know if i either should say good luck or goodbye for tonight.

    Telamon:Let just see about that, i grown stronger since from last time and let me tell you i felt strong and great,i feel like i could smash anybody to a pulp in a few seconds.

    John Calvin:Well put that training to use tonight.

    *The camera goes black*

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