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    Post  renegade. on Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:51 pm

    Camera focuses on Alvin inside the ring

    Alvin`s Entrance Video

    Alvin picks the mic up

    Alvin:Now you just heard my new entrance music called dear agony.

    Alvin:That is a tribute to Renegade.

    Alvin:I am here today to talk about tonight`s big match Renegade vs Son Goku in a street fight.

    Alvin:This match will be the first of three matches, yes that`s right it is a 3 stages of hell match hosted for the next two weeks on locked up.

    Alvin:The match next week will be a steel cage match and then after that we have a hell in a cell match.

    Goku`s entrance video

    Goku comes to the ramp

    Goku:Really Alvin well nice match ups.

    Goku:We will be in our superstar`s corners.

    Goku and Alvin leave the arena

    Camera fades away

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