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    The Multiple Named King Part 2

    The Forsaken King
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    The Multiple Named King Part 2 Empty The Multiple Named King Part 2

    Post  The Forsaken King on Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:34 pm

    Fire shots out from the ramp and the lights flash on and off while a voice is projected

    ???: I am The Ultimate King!

    Fire shots out again.

    TUK: Fire runs through my veins. I am a heated wrestler. I cant be beaten nor can i be taken down. I am here to take out every wrestler that has no goal. That has no strength. You step in that ring i will destroy you with ever ounch of strength in my body.

    The lights turn out completely and Fire shots out the ramp and gives dark figure standing on the stage. The lights turn back on and the figure is gone.

    Marshall: Another one!

    Logan: At least this one isnt after the company.

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