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    The Multiple Named King Part 1

    The Forsaken King
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    The Multiple Named King Part 1 Empty The Multiple Named King Part 1

    Post  The Forsaken King on Sat Jan 14, 2012 6:52 pm

    The lights go off and a voice is heard through out the arena.

    ???: My name is The Extreme King!

    Lightning Flashs and Thunder strikes making a big bang throughout the arena.

    TEK: I will cause major destruction and damage to this company. I will injure superstars. I will end there careers. I will take this company by the throat and kill it. I will start a better company and make new way. This is a new generation of wrestling.

    Lighting Flashs again.

    TEK: This is not a threat nor a warning this is a promise. Over time the company will diminsh. I will not stop untill i get what i want. This is the time of the kings.

    Lighting Flashs again and the Voice goes away.

    Marshall: Whoa who was that.

    Logan: That was creepy.

    Marshall: Really i don't understand. Where did he come from. We already have someone who wants to take over the company.

    Logan: Yeah we have a whole group that wants to take over this company.

    Marsahll: For real. Like come on cant we just have a good time and watch some good old wrestling.

    Logan: Whoa.. Where did that come from. Your usually with this kind of stuff.

    Marshall: So i can be good sometimes.

    Logan: Key word there sometimes.

    Logan begins to laugh. Marshall doesnt say anything he just glares at Logan.

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