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    goodbye old friend, hello new 'warrior'


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    goodbye old friend, hello new 'warrior' Empty goodbye old friend, hello new 'warrior'

    Post  warmachine on Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:52 pm

    *Dr.Rice is on his cell phone outside of the EFW arena*

    Dr.Rice:"...yes, well he should be....no...no..i don't think he is ready for release yet, the memory cleansing has morphed into something extra ordinary..every bad memory, every horrific thought has been removed..and moved to the doll..(long pause)..i know sir what this would do if it was leaked thats why were here, its a zoo a circus, they have him living in R.V with some rent a nurse drip feeding him sleeping tablets for christ's sake, but i do agree sir that in time he adjust its just that damn doll, sir i have to go"

    *War Machine comes to the doorway of his R.V carrying his warrior doll*

    Dr.Rice "so my boy this is it, your on your own as you wanted, free from the restraints of the military and the experiments my friend....(starts to cry and whispers)..please give me the doll..please my child...it can only do harm, the violence, the pain and the anguish all stems from...IT!!"

    *War Machine looks at the doll and puts him back in the R.V*

    War Machine:"warrior not problem for me, doctor leaving not problem for me...me ready now, i want to be free with no more pain, only problem for me is Kendall Lovett and what he did last week, he cost me debut match and now i see him on telly box calling me and warrior names"

    Dr.Rice "i know..but what you did was well awful..you nearly killed him..but as one last favour i got you a match in the main event(winks and gives War Machine a man hug)..now take care soldier..i'll vist once a month and YOU MUST listen to your nurse..now go..live your dream"

    *Dr.Rice gets into his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, tips his hat and drives off into the distance*

    War Machine:"well warrior its just me and you now...."

    *War Machine walks into his R.V and finds his nurse tied up and gagged on chair in the corner with his warrior doll on her lap*

    War Wachine:"now lets go take care of Kendall Lovett and his 'friends'"

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