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    stone cold 3:16 backstage segment

    stone cold 3:16

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    stone cold 3:16 backstage segment Empty stone cold 3:16 backstage segment

    Post  stone cold 3:16 on Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:49 am

    the camera shows stone cold 3:16 walking backstage wearing his jeans and an opened blue shirt. and suddenly his phone rings. so he take it out from his pocket to answer the call. but it turns out to be a message.

    stone cold 3:16 reads the message: Hi, it's Devan Little your general manager. Welcome to the Extreme Forsaken Wrestling. I'd like to gongratulate you for your first win and your great debut speach last week. And I want to tell you that I was impressed by your performance in the ring and on the mic. keep up te good work Smile . And by the way, you have a match tonight so get ready for it ok.

    stone cold 3:16 looks proud about the general manager's opinion about him. He smiles and then continues to walk while the camera fades off.

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