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    The Shocking Arrival of A Chipmunk Friend ?


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    The Shocking Arrival of A Chipmunk Friend ? Empty The Shocking Arrival of A Chipmunk Friend ?

    Post  renegade. on Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:27 pm

    Camera Focuses on Renegade inside the ring

    Renegade grabs the mic

    Renegade:Hello extreme forsaken wrestling fans.

    Renegade:Now let`s get down to business,first I would like to introduce Devan Little

    Devan Little makes his way to the ring

    Little grabs the mic

    Little:I am your general manager , now what is it you want to ask ?

    Renegade:I was wondering could I get a title in two weeks time on locked up.

    Little:Hmm that is a tough one, tell you what win the next two matches on any of locked up or frustration and I will guarantee you a shot at it.


    Just then Goku makes his way to the ring with his manager Krillin

    Krillin grabs the mic and hands the second mic to Goku

    Krillin:You really think you deserve a title match do you, well you would have to beat my friend Goku in a match.

    Renegade:Fine I will fight him and beat him up.

    Goku:What sort of match?

    Krillin:I do not kn...

    Before Krillin could finish his sentence he was interpreted by a mysterious figure.

    Figure:Krillin you will not make fun of him and Goku the match will be a old fashion street fight.

    Goku:Who are you?

    Figure:I am the best person alongside Renegade.

    Renegade laughs

    Figure:Look at this poster
    The Shocking Arrival of A Chipmunk Friend ? Alvins12

    Figure:I am the undeniable one Alvin

    Renegade:Alvin your here.

    Alvin runs in the ring attacks Krillin biting him on the face and then throws him out the ring , then Renegade Clotheslines Goku outside the ring

    Renegade:Thats what you get Goku

    Goku:Curse you Renegade.

    Alvin fly's off the turnbuckle and blows them away with his guitar hitting his undeniable finisher.



    Camera fades away

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