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    The Chosen Ones (TEK Segment)

    HVGM Edgar Jackson
    HVGM Edgar Jackson

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    The Chosen Ones (TEK Segment)  Empty The Chosen Ones (TEK Segment)

    Post  HVGM Edgar Jackson on Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:30 pm

    Right on cue, "War of Ages" by Breaking Benjamin begins to blast out through the speakers in full volume as the fans explode out of their seats in a chorus of cheers for the arrival of The Medieval Knight. After a few seconds into the song and with perfect timing, the EFW Universe explode into a somehow even louder chorus of cheers as the man they were waiting for, Edgar Jackson walks through the curtains and out into the arena with a microphone already in his hand, ready for tonight. Cameras around the entire arena would flicker as the EFW Universe aim their cameras as they attempt to take a picture of the "The Medieval Knight" making his arrival. As he walks out with a bright smile, Edgar Jackson is wearing a linen shirt and a pair of pants as well as light woolen pads underneath his metal-ringed chainmail. He is also wearing a pair of wall mounted gauntlets.

    Edgar Jackson: You might be thinking that I am here alone but I'm not. The Forsaken King, Kendall Lovett and And Johnny Blaze are at the back waiting to come out. So without a further or due, please let me introduce to you The other members of this dominating stable!

    The three remaining members come out standing tall and proud. Once they come in the ring, Edgar Jackson turns and stares at them.

    Edgar Jackson: Now, I'm not the leader of this stable but as you all know, a knight has leadership ability so I would just like to say a few words to my fellow members and you all will be watching.

    Edgar Jackson coughs and puts the mic near his mouth as if he is the president giving a lecture.

    Edgar Jackson: Tonight is where history is going to be made. Tonight each and every one of you will go out there and make all of the Extreme Kings proud, because we are The Chosen ones! As you all will be having a match today I want your opponents to have two things running through their minds and two things only. Those two things are fear and intimidation. Make the Chosen Ones or should I say the Extreme Kings proud today!

    With that, The Medieval Knight drops the microphone. Edgar Jackson makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans that stick out to show their support of the Medieval Knight. The other members are still left out of the ring looking as if they have taken in what Edgar Jackson has just said and ready with full fury.

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