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    Shaydow to take on Stone Cold

    Shaydow Tamriel

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    Shaydow to take on Stone Cold Empty Shaydow to take on Stone Cold

    Post  Shaydow Tamriel on Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:49 pm

    Rayden and Shaydow Tamriel is watching the television in the main corridor. Shaydow has a smirk on his face as he looks at the antics of Stone Cold.

    Rayden: "Think you can take this guy bro?"

    Shaydow: "I sure hope so, if not I might just want to get on his bad side and beat him senseless with a chair."

    Rayden sighs

    Rayden: "Do you always have to cheat?"

    Shaydow laughs

    Shaydow: "Never said I'm going to use it to win bro, you know that."

    Rayden: "Yes but the fans don't, remember good wrestler/bad wrestler? You drew the long straw."

    Shaydow laughs again and punches Rayden on the arm,

    Shaydow: "Oh shut up, people might hear you and believe you."

    Rayden: "Well you know how you get bro."

    Shaydow nods and then turns to face the camera, the smile fading and turns into an angry scowl

    Shaydow: "You can bet your scrawny hide that I'm coming for you Stone Cold, I want myself a piece of action and tonight..."

    Shaydow grins evilly

    Shaydow: "you're it."

    Shaydow shoves the camera aside

    Shaydow: "Get that thing out of here. I have some water to drink."

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