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    Introducing Gemini

    Shaydow Tamriel

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    Introducing Gemini Empty Introducing Gemini

    Post  Shaydow Tamriel on Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:40 pm

    Two wrestlers stands leaned against the wall, speaking in hushed tones, they both wear the same wrestling gear, the only difference is their hair color. One has black hair, while the other has light brown hair. One of them motions to the camera, both men move away from the wall and walks over to the camera. The light haired one removes his sunglasses and gives a huge smile to the camera

    Rayden Tamriel: "Hey boys and girls, we are here to bring you a special announcement."

    The other man leans into view as well

    Shaydow Tamriel: "Here to bring peace and chaos to your television..."

    Rayden Tamriel: "And mind set, we are proud to bring you..."

    Rayden points at Shaydow

    Rayden Tamriel: "Shaydow Tamriel"

    Shaydow points at Rayden

    Shaydow Tamriel: "Rayden Tamriel"

    Rayden & Shaydow: "We are Gemini and we will rock this joint hooyeah!"

    The two laugh and high fives each other.

    Shaydow Tamriel: "So bro', you face some goon just now."

    Rayden Tamriel: "Yes I would like it if you could be there just to make sure his buddies doesn't jump me."

    Shaydow Tamriel: "Great should I..."

    Rayden Tamriel: "Nah I think these guys will be tame, safety in numbers and all that."

    The two turn and walks away

    Shaydow Tamriel: "I think we should go have a party."

    Rayden Tamriel: "After your match?"

    Shaydow Tamriel: "Of course why not?"

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