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    The beginning of the end part 4

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    The beginning of the end part 4  Empty The beginning of the end part 4

    Post  The Forsaken King on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:57 pm

    TFK's music begins to play, TFK comes bursting down the ramp pissed off.

    TFK: Cut my music now.

    TFK walks in the ring.

    TFK: Im tired of you Star from all your lies and your backstabbing get your ass out here now.

    Star's music plays and Star burst through and runs down teh ramp and stops right in front of the ring.

    Star: You wanted me??

    Star begins to laugh.

    TFK: Stop laughing. Your twisting everybodys mind. Stop lying and tell them the truth.

    Star: The Truth i did tell the truth. You did turn your back on me and you did backstab me.

    TFK: What! Your the one that stepped down from that ring when i needed your help. You walked away when i was on that mat reaching for a tag. You just walked away. So i got you back by putting out for 3 months. Yeah that wasnt the end. When you came back i put you out for 3 more months and ended your career at FFI.

    Star: See you are the one that started all this not me.

    TFK: I started are rivalry here, but you started it at FFI when you hired people to take me out. I didnt have any enemies because i fought clean and didnt cheat like you did. What you did when that ref wasnt looking was dirty you took out to many stars and to many wrestlers. Im going to put a end to you tonight. For once and for all.

    Star: You can try but ill show you what i really tonight. You better be ready because im not holding anything back.

    TFK: Me nether, you say your all that but when it comes down to it. Your not anything better then you were at FFI. So i know i can beat you.

    Star: We shall see!

    Star drops his mic and walks up the ramp laughing. TFK drops his mic and throws his hands up. The fans go crazy and Star stops at the top of the ramp and turns arounds head with a evil smile and continues walking.

    Marshall: This should be good match tonight. TFK is going to get what he deserves tonight.

    Logan: Dont say that. TFK could win as much as Star.

    Marshall: Nah, TFK doesnt have as much skill as Star not even close.

    Logan: That is why TFK is the best wrestler in the world, and what is Star exactly.

    Marshall: So your telling me Star doesnt stand a chance because TFK is the best wrestler in the world? Is that what im hearing?

    Logan: No, im just saying dont count someone to early.

    Marshall: Whatever we shall see who wins tonight.

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