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    He speaks out.

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    He speaks out. Empty He speaks out.

    Post  CJ lovett on Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:39 pm

    *Camera opens on Kendall Lovett leaning against the wall in the backstage area with a little smile on his face, his shades are pushed up on his forehead, and he holds a microphone loosely in one hand. His eyes glance up towards the camera and he chuckles just a little bit.*

    Kendall Lovett:Now I know you’re all wondering about why i interfere in the main event match days ago on EFW:Locked Up. You’ve all been sitting at home counting the hours until you get to watch me again on your television screen or in real life person.Dont blame you,im a charming,athletic,charsmatic,and QUIET spectacular!Anyway the reason why i interfere is because...wait im gonna show you show the clip just prove you right.Roll the clip!

    The scene closes in from last week showing the Kendall Lovett. and War Machine segement.

    Kendall Lovett: "Autograph?? (throws head back laughing)..heres a news flash physco, i noy no good guy, im 'The Spectacular' KENDALL LOVETT and you better move out my way or i'll take your warrior and feed it into a shredder just like i did to Dean Savage!"

    War Machine is looking distraught,he pulls his doll to his ear and nods in agreement.

    War Machine: "SIR!!!, YES SIR!!!"

    War Machine grabs hold of Kendall Lovett by the throat and lifts him into the air squeezing and choking poor Kendall turning him pale, 30 seconds pass and Kendall is unconscious

    Dr.Rice:"WAR MACHINE!!! STOP!!!"

    War Machine releases the poor Kendall Lovett and heads towards Dr.Rice as medical staff rush to the scene to save unconscious Kendall.

    The scene fades away and goes back to Kendall Lovett who has a smirk on his face.

    Kendall Lovett:There's the proof everybody its offical.He decided that if he couldn’t get a autograph(laughs)from me he would throw a tantrum and attack me!Who the hell he think he is and what kind of person would let him in this company And who is Dr.Rice?His mental docter?Guess so but anyway if your listening War Machine if you ever get near me or even lay a hand on me i will end your pity "career".Now if you.. and these…. Good people, will excuse me i have business to attend to.

    The camera slowly fades out as Kendall Lovett begins to make his way to the entrance area.

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