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    When will it end


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    When will it end Empty When will it end

    Post  renegade. on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:10 am

    Camera focuses on Renegade in the ring

    Renegade:I am ready for a match tonight

    Renegade:Give me the best opponent ever.

    Chase appears in the ring

    Chase:you want a match really , okay fine your in a match tonight against the opponent of my choosing

    Renegade:Fine I will get ready for it


    Chase leaves

    Goku enters the ring

    Goku:Bet you can`t wait to fight me Renegade because you know that I will not lose.

    Renegade:As if I am going to listen to a maggot like you.

    Goku:Call me maggot, your the walking parrot.

    Commentator:When will this madness end.

    Renegade:Goku enough I will settle you next week if you do not mind I have a match to attend to.

    Goku grabs a sledge hammer

    Goku:No you don`t

    Renegade rips it from him and hits him with it

    Renegade:Do you get the message now ?

    Goku:Never I will get you

    Renegade grabs Goku puts him up on his shoulders and slam him down with a fantastic h.t.b

    Renegade:Yeah I knocked you out see you late Goku.

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