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    The match is made


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    The match is made Empty The match is made

    Post  renegade. on Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:55 am

    Camera focuses on Renegade inside the ring

    Renegade picks up the mic

    Renegade:Last week I broke Goku`s leg now he knows what it is like here in forsaken wrestling

    Just then Goku appears in the ring

    Goku:Really Doctor said I have no broken leg so I am ready for more

    Renegade:Really well you asked for it Goku

    Chase appears at the entrance ramp

    Chase:Thats enough of that next week it is Goku vs Renegade

    Renegade smirks

    Goku:What are you laughing at

    Chase:Dont you dare fight in that ring now or else

    Renegade:Or else you will get pixie dust

    Whole arena laughs in tears

    Chase storms backstage

    Goku sneak attacks renegade with a round house kick then starts punching him in the gut and hits him with a power slam then Renegade gets up and dropkicks Goku in the face and puts him up on his shoulders and slams him down with a extraordinary h.t.b.

    Renegade:Take that and next week your history.

    Renegade leaves the ring

    Camera fades away

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