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    Telamon's Angry part 1


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    Telamon's Angry part 1 Empty Telamon's Angry part 1

    Post  Telamon on Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:16 am

    *John Calvin is about to question Telamon with the results of what happened last week*

    Telamon and John Calvins picture here

    John Calvin:Now Telamon,how do you feel about last week when athyz attacked you during your match?

    Telamon:Well..... all i can say is that athyz sticked his nose where it didn't belong,if its war hes after he certainly got one from me.

    John Calvin:Ok but the thing is,do you know why he attacked you?

    Telamon:No,not even the faintest idea why.

    *then athyz goes behind Telamon and hits his back with a sledgehammer*

    athyz picture here

    athyz:Good luck tonight,your going to need it.

    *The Camera goes black*

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