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    The Beginning of the end part 2

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    The Beginning of the end part 2 Empty The Beginning of the end part 2

    Post  The Forsaken King on Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:36 am

    John Smith catchs up with Star backstage.

    John: Hey Star can i ask you a few question real quick.

    Star looks around.

    Star: I got time go ahead.

    John: Alright, first of all what happen between you and TFK?

    Star: Well see back in FFI when we were a tag team. He says i sucked when i led are tag. All he did was sit around and eat. He got drunk and would come to shows wasted and not ready to compete. He says hes the best wrestler in the world but see really he is the best dreamer. He makes up the fantasys to protect him and to build his hype. He made a group to protect him.

    John: So do you think his group will interfere in your match tonight?

    Star: Oh i know they will. Im not dumb. He thinks that he can win by beating me alone but he cant. He never as. I have always beaten him but in his mind he says i havent. Yeah its true that i have jumped him from behind but that was revenge for what he did to me.

    John: What did he do to you?

    Star looks around shaking his head

    Star: When we were a tag team and we were best friends. We were in a match and i taged him in. We were going to do are Tag Team Finsher "The Worlds Devastation" but he ended up turning on me and Hitting his finisher on me "Extreme Forsaken Move" a move he never used unless he wanted to injure somebody. He put me out of work for 3 months.

    John: Is that why you guys split?

    Star: Thats one reason.... The Second Reason is because when i came back and confronted him he was a champion and hit me in the face with the title belt. He didnt just leave me there he picked me up and did his trademark move his regular finsiher he uses in every match "The Forsaken Rage" its a stronger version of a powerbomb. He put me throuh 2 tables and i landed on a chair. I broke my back and cracked 4 ribs. I was put out for another 3 months. That was are last time we saw each other untill now.

    John: So is that why you want to get back at him??

    Before Star could answer that question TFK comes behind Star and hits him in the back of the head with a steel chair. Star falls to the ground holding the back of his head. TFK picks up the mic.

    TFK: Ill finish that question for him. Yes thats why he wants to get back at me but he wont be able to. Not as long as i have my group. They have my back and I have their back.

    TFK drops the mic and walks away.

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