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    The Beginning of the end part 1

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    The Beginning of the end part 1 Empty The Beginning of the end part 1

    Post  The Forsaken King on Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:19 am

    Music plays on the titantron. The Forsaken king comes bursting out running down the ramp, sliding into the ring. Fans have mixed emotions not knowing if to cheer or to boo.

    TFK: I came out here today by myself. I have a match against my old tag team partner, my old friend. His name is Star. He sucks at wrestling, never was good. When we had matchs as a tag team he sucked it up and made us lose. I mean we didnt lose barely we lost like by a mile. To where we had no chance of getting fame. I had to work my way back up the ladder in my old company, but now im the best wrestler in the world with a Group that will help me take over this company. But i didnt come out here to talk about that. I came out here to talk about Star.

    Star's music plays and Star steps on the ramp with a mic.

    Star: If you have something to say why dont you say it to my face like a man.

    Star walks down the ramp and slides into the ring and gets in TFK's face.

    Star: Got something to say. Say it now.

    TFK smirks and laughs.

    TFK: I do have something to say and i would of gladly met you half way up the ramp since you know you dont like doing anything because your lazy. Oh so are you going to back out the match tonight or are you actually going to wrestle me?

    Star looks around the ring shaking his head.

    Star: All you do is talk crap. Like seriously do you have nothing better in your life. Because seriously all i hear from your mouth is junk and smack talk. Yeah im going to wrestle you today. Im not backing out because im not scared of you. Ill show you that tonight.

    TFK puts his hand on star's mic and pushes it to the ground.

    TFK: Your voice is annoying, so im just going to talk right now. Star one thing you need to get through your little puny brain is that you dont stand a chance against with me. Once you step in that ring your done. All those brutal beatings i took in the ring when we were a tag because you were to scared to tag in. There going to come back and bite you in the ass. So you better come prepared.

    TFK drops his mic and walks out the ring. Star picks up his mic.

    Star: You say all this stuff but when it comes time you better back it up.

    Star drops his mic and walks out the ring. Both superstars head backstage.

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